What is the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering?

From time to time I get asked: “What is the difference between computer science and software engineering?” Usually, I awkwardly stumble through an explanation along the lines of: “Computer Scientists discover, research, and test new theories where Software Engineers apply these theories to their work.” What follows is the result of me deciding to sitContinue reading “What is the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering?”

Why a PhD?

I’ve been working as a software engineer for more than 20 years, and when the opportunity came up for me to continue my education at the Ph.D. level I jumped at it. In September 2017 I started the Ph.D. Computer Science program at the University of South Carolina. The things that motivate me now inContinue reading “Why a PhD?”

Why Blog?

Why do I blog? There can be many different reasons that people blog. Common reasons for blogging include: building audience, establishing authority, or differentiating oneself. I have three motivations for blogging. First, I want to improve my writing skills and as there is no better way to get better at writing than by writing itContinue reading “Why Blog?”

Introducing GeoRacing: Augmented Reality + iBeacons

GeoRacing is an outdoor adventure sport where participants use compatible devices to race through a course of geo-located checkpoints. Once a racer has completed a course their results can be uploaded to the race website. These results may be used for rankings or other social interactions. A course is made up of a series of geo-located checkpoints. At each of these checkpoints there may be iBeacons. The concept is that a compatible device would use augmented-realityContinue reading “Introducing GeoRacing: Augmented Reality + iBeacons”


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