Resolving database issues with Nerd Dinner

Since releasing the latest version of Nerd Dinner into the wild, we’ve had some reports of people having a variety of issues either getting or working with the databases in the source branch. Hopefully, this post will help clear up some of those issues. First, both of the MDF files should get pulled down withContinue reading “Resolving database issues with Nerd Dinner”

ASP.NET MVC Mobile ViewEngines Available on Nuget

Lately, I’ve been spending my spare time helping with Nerd Dinner open source project. The other day Scott Hanselman annouced the latest release of Nerd Dinner, one of the fixes he mention was as fixing a release-mode caching bug that was introduced a few years back. Also, Phil Haack published the ASP.NET MVC 4 Roadmap,Continue reading “ASP.NET MVC Mobile ViewEngines Available on Nuget”

Adding HTML5 Geolocation to Nerd Dinner with yepnope.js, and Modernizr

One of the new features of the recently updated Nerd Dinner project is the support for HTML5 Geolocation. There are two JavaScript libraries that I used to accomplish this. The first is yepnope.js ( Yepnope.js is an asynchronous resource loader. This means that you can load scripts based on the outcome of some condition. TheContinue reading “Adding HTML5 Geolocation to Nerd Dinner with yepnope.js, and Modernizr”

Custom Configuration Sections in .NET

Most .NET developers will need to store some application configuration information at some point. Most times developers choose to use the appSettings section in the configuration file for this purpose.  Here’s an example of an appSettings configuration section: Over time the number of configuration items tends to grow and managing them can become confusing. WhatContinue reading “Custom Configuration Sections in .NET”

Hey Microsoft, please extend ASP.NET MVC 4 View Redirection!

There is a lot of discussion going on in the web development world around how to best support mobile devices. Scott Hanselman’s ( @shanselman ) post ‘A Better ASP.NET MVC Mobile Device Capabilities ViewEngine’ is an interesting look on how to do view redirection using a combination of a custom view engine with extension methods in ASP.NETContinue reading “Hey Microsoft, please extend ASP.NET MVC 4 View Redirection!”

Extending the ASP.NET MVC ViewEngine to support localization

I’ve been using with Scott Hanselman’s CustomMobileViewEngine from his post A Better ASP.NET MVC Mobile Device Capabilities ViewEngine along with jQuery Mobile (for mobile templates) and (for accurate mobile browser detection) to build ASP.NET MVC sites that output nice mobile-friendly templates. The techniques that Scott talks about in his post have been working really well. So recently when I had to solveContinue reading “Extending the ASP.NET MVC ViewEngine to support localization”

Solving Facebook Programming Puzzles using Ruby

I really enjoy solving puzzles. That’s probably what drove me to becoming a software developer. So I was thrilled to learn that Facebook has a series of programming puzzles. Once you solve a puzzle, you email your code to Facebook and they email you back your results. What follows are the steps that I tookContinue reading “Solving Facebook Programming Puzzles using Ruby”

Building a Facebook Graph API application using ASP.NET

Background Recently I needed to build a Facebook Share style application that gave me more control over the content that was posted on a users Facebook wall. Implementing this as a Facebook Application also allowed me to do some custom processing when the user completed the share process. To do this I used Facebook’s GraphContinue reading “Building a Facebook Graph API application using ASP.NET”