Using jQuery Mobile with ASP.NET MVC

Background jQuery Mobile is a web UI framework from the same guys over at the jQuery Project. jQuery Mobile is built on top of the jQuery Core and jQuery UI projects with the intent of bringing a consistent UI framework to mobile platforms. To get started using the jQuery Mobile framework you can either download theContinue reading “Using jQuery Mobile with ASP.NET MVC”

How to send a test email message using Telnet

Occasionally I’ve had to troubleshoot sending email messages to a particular SMTP server by simulating a mail client (or .NET mail code) by using the telnet client. Here’s how I do it on Windows: Open the command prompt type: telnet 25 <press enter> type: helo <press enter> type: mail from: <press enter>Continue reading “How to send a test email message using Telnet”

Announcing StackBook – A social mashup tool for Stack Overflow

With the newly available Stack Overflow API going beta ( ) I felt like trying to create a site that will create a social mashup (link) from Stack Overflow to Facebook. Hence, StackBook was born. StackBook helps a Stack Overflow user share their Stack Overflow activities with their Facebook friends. StackBook is available by going here andContinue reading “Announcing StackBook – A social mashup tool for Stack Overflow”

Why does ASP.NET MVC have to be a ‘web application’?

Recently I’ve been doing some presentations at user groups about ASP.NET MVC . A couple of times the question has been asked “Why does ASP.NET MVC have to be a ‘web application’?” Not having a really good understanding of why, I decided to ask the StackOverflow and ASP.NET Forums communities. I couple of people had some great theories, but I stillContinue reading “Why does ASP.NET MVC have to be a ‘web application’?”

So what’s this ASP.NET MVC thing all about?

I’ve been hearing a lot of questions (both personally and from some online forums like Stack Overflow and ASP.NET Forums) from people trying to understand what ASP.NET MVC is and what are it’s benefits. So here’s my attempt to consolidate answers to many of the questions that I’ve heard. First, MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. It’s a design pattern that’s beenContinue reading “So what’s this ASP.NET MVC thing all about?”

Network Tools for PocketPC (redux)

Network Tools is a network diagnostic utility for the use with a Pocket PC PDA that allows you to diagnose network problems. Network Tools allows you to use your Windows Mobile device to verify connectivity to a particular device on your network (Ping) or trace the path to a network host or device IP addressesContinue reading “Network Tools for PocketPC (redux)”

Building a robot using Windows Mobile and Lego Mindstorms NXT

This past weekend I decided to build a robot using my son’s Legos Mindstorms NXT, a Windows Mobile Smartphone, A Pharos GPS, and some code from Wimo. The robot basically works like this; the Legos hardware provides the structure, motors, and some sensors; the Windows Mobile Smartphone is the brain; and the Pharos GPS tells theContinue reading “Building a robot using Windows Mobile and Lego Mindstorms NXT”

PocketPC Network Utilities

Here’s a PocketPC based network utility. Currently it supports ping, traceroute, and WhoIs. More utilities are coming soon! PING – provides the ability to determine whether a specific IP address or hostname is accessible. TRACE ROUTE – is a network diagnostic tool that lets you trace and view the actual route to a specific IPContinue reading “PocketPC Network Utilities”