Instant Messaging: Ready or not, here it comes!

Instant messaging (IM), the ability to immediately communicate with friends and co-workers, has grown into a frequently used and highly productive business tool. The growth of IM use has raised several security-related concerns for many companies. These concerns can be grouped into three categories: eavesdropping, impersonation, and network vulnerability. Eavesdropping: Some IM applications transmit dataContinue reading “Instant Messaging: Ready or not, here it comes!”

Network Data Encryption: What it is and why you need it

With the volume of data constantly moving around the Internet, the risk of someone intercepting or stealing data is high. We hear of systems being hacked daily. If you’ve never been hacked before, consider yourself lucky. Now is the time to start taking the necessary precautions. One such precaution is encrypting as much network trafficContinue reading “Network Data Encryption: What it is and why you need it”