Introducing GeoRacing: Augmented Reality + iBeacons

GeoRacing is an outdoor adventure sport where participants use compatible devices to race through a course of geo-located checkpoints. Once a racer has completed a course their results can be uploaded to the race website. These results may be used for rankings or other social interactions. A course is made up of a series of geo-located checkpoints. At each of these checkpoints there may be iBeacons. The concept is that a compatible device would use augmented-realityContinue reading “Introducing GeoRacing: Augmented Reality + iBeacons”

Consuming a WebApi Asynchronously in Xamarin iOS

Introduction There are a seemingly endless variety of web services available, like: Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter just to name a few. For developers, being able to access those services allows them opportunities to either extend the capabilities of their own applications by integrating with these services or building new applications using the APIs provided toContinue reading “Consuming a WebApi Asynchronously in Xamarin iOS”

A better UITableViewSource in Xamarin iOS

The Xamarin Developer Center has a lot of great content to help developers build apps using Xamarin iOS/Droid using many of the components users expect in modern mobile apps. One very common component is a Table View. In this article I am going to show how to extend the UITableViewSource from the BasicTable sample (update: This is Part0 in the GitHubContinue reading “A better UITableViewSource in Xamarin iOS”