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Consuming a WebApi Asynchronously in Xamarin iOS

September 9, 2013
There are a seemingly endless variety of web services available, like: Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter just to name a few. For developers, being able to access those services allows them opportunities to either extend the capabilities of their own applications by integrating with these services or building new applications using the APIs provided to them over the web.

A better UITableViewSource in Xamarin iOS

September 3, 2013
The Xamarin Developer Center has a lot of great content to help developers build apps using Xamarin iOS/Droid using many of the components users expect in modern mobile apps. One very common component is a Table View. In this article I am going to show how to extend the UITableViewSource from the BasicTable sample (update: This is Part0 in the GitHub project I’ve created) to be generic and a bit more flexible. Doing so allows the developer to focus on expanding application functionality and not dealing with boilerplate code over and over. The first step is to make the TableSource class generic, change the internal data structure from a string[] to a List and update the class constructors. Here is what the code looks like after this change: ```csharp public class TableSource : UITableViewSource { public List Data { get; set; } protected string cellIdentifier = "TableCell";

MORE Making a switchable Desktop and Mobile site with ASP.NET MVC 3

November 8, 2012
Recently I was catching up on some reading and discovered Scott Hanselman’s Making a switchable Desktop and Mobile site with ASP.NET MVC 4 and jQuery Mobile post. His post reminded me that this functionality is also available for ASP.NET MVC 3 by using the MobileViewEngines NuGet package that Scott and I have worked on over the past several years.

Refactoring Nerd Dinner – Adding Knockout JS

July 24, 2012
Ever wonder what Knockout JS is? Since it’s going to be a part of the default ASP.NET template in VS2012 I figured that I should take a look. AND what better project to try something new in than Nerd Dinner. The Popular Dinners list in the Home/Index view is already using jQuery to get JSON data and dynamically building the list, this seems like the perfect candidate to refactor to use knockout.