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Extending the ASP.NET MVC ViewEngine to support localization

May 10, 2011
I’ve been using with Scott Hanselman’s CustomMobileViewEngine from his post A Better ASP.NET MVC Mobile Device Capabilities ViewEngine along with jQuery Mobile (for mobile templates) and 51degrees.mobi (for accurate mobile browser detection) to build ASP.NET MVC sites that output nice mobile-friendly templates. The techniques that Scott talks about in his post have been working really well.

Solving Facebook Programming Puzzles using Ruby

April 1, 2011
I really enjoy solving puzzles. That’s probably what drove me to becoming a software developer. So I was thrilled to learn that Facebook has a series of programming puzzles. Once you solve a puzzle, you email your code to Facebook and they email you back your results. What follows are the steps that I took to get my computer setup, solve my first puzzle, and submit it to Facebook for testing. It’s important to note that while I primarily work in the .NET world, the Facebook Puzzle bot doesn’t do .NET. This gave the opportunity choose a new language to learn from their list of supported languages (I chose Ruby).

Building a Facebook Graph API application using ASP.NET

March 3, 2011
Recently I needed to build a Facebook Share style application that gave me more control over the content that was posted on a users Facebook wall. Implementing this as a Facebook Application also allowed me to do some custom processing when the user completed the share process.