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Using jQuery Mobile with ASP.NET MVC

March 2, 2011
jQuery Mobile is a web UI framework from the same guys over at the jQuery Project. jQuery Mobile is built on top of the jQuery Core and jQuery UI projects with the intent of bringing a consistent UI framework to mobile platforms.

How to send a test email message using Telnet

February 28, 2011
Occasionally I’ve had to troubleshoot sending email messages to a particular SMTP server by simulating a mail client (or .NET mail code) by using the telnet client. Here’s how I do it on Windows:

Announcing StackBook – A social mashup tool for Stack Overflow

June 6, 2010
With the newly available Stack Overflow API going beta ( http://stackapp.com ) I felt like trying to create a site that will create a social mashup (link) from Stack Overflow to Facebook. Hence, StackBook was born. StackBook helps a Stack Overflow user share their Stack Overflow activities with their Facebook friends. StackBook is available by going here http://stackbook.mourfield.com/ and logging in with your Facebook credentials.

Unit Testing, really?!?!

May 22, 2010
Okay, okay. I’ll admit it. My own stubbornness has made me late to the unit testing party. I was one of those developers who always thought to myself that I don’t need to do unit testing. I can test my code well enough and besides who as time to waste writing all those tests anyway.